Dating & Money: Is She A Gold Digger Or Just A Woman? 

Let’s cut to the chase and dive into why mastering your finances could be the KEY to finding love.

You might be thinking this is ‘gold digger mentality’ but hear me out for a minute. As a financial advisor, I’ve worked with both women and men for decades. I hear both sides of the story and understand the challenges of both men and women.

I personally believe a woman needs to sustain herself and have her own accomplishments. “So why should money be important to her then” you ask?

There’s a big difference between a woman that wants you, the man, to pay for everything in her life while she only brings her looks and s3x to the table, and a woman that wants a financially stable partner to build an empire with.

You can easily tell the difference by seeing what the woman is building AND has built for herself so far. This is where most men go wrong: they buy into the woman’s b.s. stories about what she’s trying to build. Don’t sell me dreams, girl! Show me what you’ve created.

But most of my male clients fall for the t&a and the cute story of how she’s trying to start a business. You need to see proof of what she has already created!

Now it’s not to undermine the fact that many women are ambitious, and there is always an exception. But if her “vision” has changed multiple times within the last year, and/or stability seems to be a foreign concept to her (in terms of finances/career/relationships) then…you might want to rethink your relationship.

If you find a woman that has already created a business or has a gainful career, she’s going to want you to be financially secure. Why? Because a woman needs financial security to feel safe. Your physical prowess is not enough. Your words are not enough.

Financial security tells and shows a woman that you, as a man, can figure sh*t out! Or if you’re in debt and haven’t acquired anything, it’ll show a woman that she cannot depend on you if she is financially unstable. 

As a man, YOU are the epitome of stability and safety as a partner. Should you be? In my opinion, no, you should not. I believe safety and security comes from within and no one can make you feel safe other than yourself.

However, when it comes to seeking out a partner, a woman will always look for financial stability and she feels this “stability” in the little things you do for her like paying for dinners, assessing what you do as a career, and understanding what your long term goals and dreams are. 

Hear me when I say this: THIS DOES NOT mean that you gotta buy her sh*t. Part of showing a woman that you are a long term partner is your ability to help her do it herself. If you come in and begin paying her bills, you take her power away! She then becomes like a child vs. a partner. You become ‘daddy’ and at some point you become less desirable even sexually. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you)



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