Your Child Support Payments Don’t Buy You Love

I recently had a client of mine tell me how upset he was at his children for not calling him or wanting to spend time with him. “I pay thousands in child support every month and I don’t even get a phone call or a thank you” he said angrily. “Your child support payments don’t […]

How Old Should Your Kids Be When You Teach Them About Money?

Short Answer: As soon as they can count. Long Answer:  When my son was 11 he wanted a $500 Gaming Computer. I remember thinking “I don’t even buy myself a $500 computer so why the hell would I pay that much for him to pay games??”  Most middle class parents would use this as an […]

Don’t Say These 3 Things To Your Kids About Money

Many parents wonder when and how to begin teaching their children about money, but what they don’t realize is that they’re already teaching their kids every day with their own actions and words.  Everything a parent says, does and feels about money is taught to your child on a subconscious level. I typically coach parents […]