Why Our Minds Let Us Overspend: 

In my 20 years of banking and investments, I’ve given a lot of people advice and what hurt me the most are the people that would hear me explain EXACTLY what to do to become wealthy but would end up broke anyway. Why? It was all in their money mindset. The Problem Even when we […]

Why You Need a Legacy Contact

Did you know that if you die, you lose all your intellectual property on your phone and on your google drive? All your pictures, videos, documents…..GONE Here’s a simple step that can change that! —> Set up a Legacy Contact What is a Legacy Contact? A Legacy Contact is someone you designate to manage your digital […]

The Link Between Money and Negative Affirmations

Have you ever walked into a fancy restaurant or an expensive department store and feel like you don’t belong? If so, chances are you grew up in a low income household and this is your money mindset working against you. Certain situations trigger deep rooted belief systems you didn’t know you had – beliefs like […]

Why Failure Can Transform Your Life: The Neuroscience Behind It

Do you remember the first time you learned to ride a bike?  Maybe you were nervous about failing but the excitement to master your new found skill was enough to overcome that fear. Scraped knees weren’t gonna keep you from accomplishing your goal so even when you failed, your mind was focused on the outcome […]

Dating & Money: Is She A Gold Digger Or Just A Woman? 

Let’s cut to the chase and dive into why mastering your finances could be the KEY to finding love. You might be thinking this is ‘gold digger mentality’ but hear me out for a minute. As a financial advisor, I’ve worked with both women and men for decades. I hear both sides of the story […]

Your Child Support Payments Don’t Buy You Love

I recently had a client of mine tell me how upset he was at his children for not calling him or wanting to spend time with him. “I pay thousands in child support every month and I don’t even get a phone call or a thank you” he said angrily. “Your child support payments don’t […]

Perfectionism: How It Can Sabotage Your Finances & Relationships

Perfectionism has worked in my favor for decades. I’ve stood out in corporations because I’ve strived to be better than the ‘average’ person. I’ve pushed myself constantly and have succeeded. My perfectionism has been the voice 🗣 that leads this success. “So what’s wrong with that?” you might ask.🤔 – The problem begins when that […]

Does Your Inner Child Control Your Spending?

Ever tried budgeting your money and you start off pretty strong but then, somehow, you end up failing miserably? Maybe it was that inner voice that would say “I deserve it, I work hard!” and talked you into buying those shoes you didn’t really need. Or maybe it was that desire to finally get that […]

 Why Some NFL Athletes Get Rich and Others Go Broke

The average NFL salary is $2.8 million, however The American Institute of Bankruptcy reports that 16% of NFL players file for bankruptcy within 12 years after retiring! Despite wealth, fame, and power, how do they end up losing everything? Here’s what you can learn from their mistakes. Mistake #1: Choosing the Wrong Financial Advisor  NFL […]

Mastering the Negotiation Game: How to Confidently Secure the Salary You Deserve

Let’s dive into the art of negotiation, particularly focusing on how to negotiate a salary that truly mirrors your worth and contributions. Whether you’re interviewing for a position OR already in a position that you feel should be paying you more, this process works. Understanding Your Value and the Market before entering the negotiation arena […]