What’s Your Money Story?

Your money story consists of various experiences in your past that have programmed certain beliefs into your mind. These beliefs can be around money, yourself, or the world and they continue to play out into your adult life. Your money story seeps into different areas of life like your relationships, career, and health because at […]

How To Raise Your Financial Thermostat

As a high-achieving individual, you’re most likely used to hard work. However, despite your financial success, maybe you’re not seeing your money grow as fast as you’d like…

Top 5 Must-Read Money Mindset Books

Money isn’t just about investing and bank balances; it’s a mindset game. The way we think about and relate to money drastically influences our financial outcomes. Let’s delve into the top 5 books on money mindset that have the power to transform your financial journey. 1. “You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the […]

Why Calculating Your Net-worth Is Essential To Building Your Wealth

Did you know that 61% of women, and nearly 4-in-10 men, are unsure about calculating their net worth? No wonder the words ‘empowerment’ and ‘finances’ don’t click in the mind of the average American… How does knowing my net worth Help Me? This number gives you a clear picture of your financial HEALTH. It’s a […]

How Your Mindset Creates Your Financial Reality

This concept is deeply rooted in the law of attraction, neurological psychology, and energy laws. I want you to be able to explore how your mindset shapes your financial reality and the steps you can take to create a prosperous life. As a financial advisor, I’ve witnessed firsthand how individuals’ internal beliefs directly influence their […]