The Link Between Money and Negative Affirmations

Have you ever walked into a fancy restaurant or an expensive department store and feel like you don’t belong?

If so, chances are you grew up in a low income household and this is your money mindset working against you.

Certain situations trigger deep rooted belief systems you didn’t know you had – beliefs like “We can’t afford it” or “I’m not supposed to be here” begin to come up. 

In my work with clients, I’ve seen that negative thoughts like these reveal a view of themselves that holds them back from financial abundance. 

They still see themselves as the “poor kid” or “undeserving” of wealth, success, or a better lifestyle. This is not conscious, rather it’s subconscious. 

The issue with this thought pattern is that it’s habitual and is happening behind the scenes when you least expect it.

This negative money mindset seeps into every decisions you make in your life – decisions like what career you settle into, where you shop, who you hang out with and even who you choose to marry. 

The power of your mindset can make you or break you and this is why it’s so important to delve into your beliefs, especially your subconscious ones.

Working with an advisor or mentor that can help you is indispensable so that you don’t pass this mindset to your children because that’s surely not the legacy you want to leave your family. 

The Power of Negative Affirmations

You may not be consciously thinking you’re saying these affirmations. Negative affirmations can be as subtle as, “I’m not meant for a life like that.” or “life is hard.”

Is life hard? In some ways yes, but your “hard” is subjective. Most of your perspective and experience in life is dependent on how you CHOOSE to accept what life throws at you.

If you wake up each day with these thoughts that reinforce the old money mindset mentality and keep you stuck in a mindset of scarcity: you will remain in a cycle of scarcity. You will feel like you’re always waiting for the next paycheck.

You will feel like you’re always waiting on the next thing to go wrong. Because inevitably, you are convinced this is your reality.

You will miss opportunities and downplay the miracles in life because deep down you are convinced good things just aren’t meant for you.

Recognize that these thoughts are not your truth and challenge them with positive affirmations that align with your financial goals and aspirations.

Replace self-limiting beliefs with empowering statements that reinforce abundance, prosperity, and success. This is how people recreate their lives.

Embracing Uncomfortable Feelings for Growth

  • First begin by acknowledging the most uncomfortable parts of your life right now. Is it your finances? Your career? Your relationships? Your spirituality? Facing your past, or future?

  • What thoughts come up when you begin to fixate on what’s going on? What do you tell yourself? Are they solution based, or are they self critical? Do they put a ceiling on your potential or diminish the intent behind what the universe is trying to teach or tell you?

  • Write them down. Now ask yourself how you’re going to change them so they are no longer taking away your power; but creating opportunity for you to learn, grow and find new ways to be resilient.

  • If it were you talking to your son or daughter, would you tell them life is happening to them or for them? Would you boil down their circumstances to “bad luck” or “age” or “being unfavored by God”? No. You wouldn’t dare put a limit on the potential on the reasons behind what’s going on in their life. So question and rewrite the scripts that are sabotaging your own.

What now?

You need to release the limitations of the old money mindset mentality and embrace a new mindset rooted in abundance and success.

Remember, your financial circumstances growing up do not define your future.

By recognizing the impact of your upbringing, challenging negative affirmations, embracing uncomfortable feelings, and intentionally cultivating a new mindset of abundance, you can unlock your full potential and create a prosperous future.

Good luck, if you need me I’m here!

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