Why You’re Earning Money And Still Feel Broke

Ever wonder how you’re making money, yet your bank account feels as empty as a library on a Sunday? Well, you’re not alone in this money mystery. As a financial advisor, I have clients that come to me with this exact question. Lifestyle Creep Here’s the deal: When it comes to money, there’s only 3 […]

Unraveling Your Money Story: Discover How It Can Shape Your Wealth

Your money story consists of various experiences in your past that have programmed certain beliefs into your mind. These beliefs can be around money, yourself, or the world and they continue to play out into your adult life. Your money story seeps into different areas of life like your relationships, career, and health because at […]

5 Money Mindset Books That Will Transform Your Money Mindset

Money isn’t just about investing and bank balances; it’s a mindset game. The way we think about and relate to money drastically influences our financial outcomes. Let’s delve into my top 5 books on money mindset that have the power to transform your financial journey. 1. “You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the […]

How To Calculate Your Net Worth To Work Towards Building Wealth

Did you know that 61% of women, and nearly 4-in-10 men, are unsure about calculating their net worth? No wonder the words ‘empowerment’ and ‘finances’ don’t click in the mind of the average American… How does knowing my net worth Help Me? This number gives you a clear picture of your financial HEALTH. It’s a […]

Is Your Mindset Controlling Your Financial Reality? Uncover How

This concept is deeply rooted in the law of attraction, neurological psychology, and energy laws. I want you to be able to explore how your mindset shapes your financial reality and the steps you can take to create a prosperous life. As a financial advisor, I’ve witnessed firsthand how individuals’ internal beliefs directly influence their […]

Hidden Power Of Self Perception In Your Financial Journey

We’ve all heard the phrase, “mind over matter.” But when it comes to our finances, how often do we truly follow this concept?  Why It’s Not Just About the Numbers Many of us have felt that nagging feeling like we’re not making enough or running out of time to achieve our financial goals.  The harsh […]

How to Release Old Trauma and Heal Your Money Mindset

The child who learned to equate love with material gifts might grow into an adult who overspends as a means of self-soothing. The child who experienced financial instability might develop a scarcity mindset and no matter how much money is saved, still feels it’s not enough. When we face neglect, instability, or a lack of […]

Could Your Money Personality Be a Threat to Your Marriage?

Money is cited as one of the top reasons for divorce and separation. Yet, finances seem to be viewed as a “We’ll worry when we get there” type of issue.  In this post, I delve into the concept of money personalities and how they can foreshadow the outcome of your marriage.  Have you taken your […]

How Latina Women Can Overcome the Top 4 Barriers in the Investment Industry

Diversity is a very big topic right now – as it should be. Many companies are pushing forward in trying to create a better environment and opportunity for their employees, but here’s the problem: it remains surface level. Creating diversity and providing opportunity to people of color cannot happen if companies do not understand what […]